The Greatest Misconception in Pre-planning Your Final Arrangements

Posted on July 28, 2022 by Serenity Funeral Home of Southern Utah under Cremation, Funerals, Pre-planning
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What is the greatest misconception in pre-planning your final arrangements?  Many people believe that pre-planning equates to paying the funeral home in advance.  This is not the case – the funeral home receives money only after death occurs.

When you prepay your final expenses, your funds are held in a life insurance policy until the time of your death.  This is done as a protection to the consumer, and the funds remain in your name.  Unaware of this fact, many people feel that they are “locked into” a certain funeral home and are unable to transfer their plan.  This is simply not the case.  You own your pre-need policy – not the funeral home.

Pre-planning freezes the funeral home’s costs at today’s prices – guaranteeing that you will never pay more for the same items and services at the original funeral home.  If you  choose to transfer your plan to another funeral home, you may receive money back.  Here’s how it works – if the funeral home or cremation center you are transferring to is less expensive than the original establishment, the excess proceeds will be returned to the family as a result of more competitive pricing.  But please remember – if a price sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  One firm’s advertised price is rarely all-inclusive.  Be sure to do your homework and compare an establishment’s stability, integrity, and complete pricing.  Ask the funeral director for a copy of their general price list.

Our pre-planning professionals walk you through the entire pre-planning process and will help you choose from the many options available.  We give you the honest answers you deserve.  Pre-planning is easy and only takes about one hour.

The Cremation Center of Southern Utah is a fully-licensed funeral home specializing in cremation.  To obtain your copy of a free cremation planning guide, contact us today by visiting our office at 1316 S. 400 E., Ste. A5, St. George, or call (435) 986-9100.

Submitted by W. Russell Atkin, Licensed Funeral Director/Owner

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